Charity Shop

The Charity shop is one of Irene Homes' main sources of income and we depend 100% on donations from the public to be successful with the venture.

The total income generated from the shop is utilised by Irene Homes and provides a much needed income for our facility. 

From the most valuable articles we have received and sold over the last few months are a crystal glass set, jet ski, motor boat, dining room sets and office furniture. We sell all donated goods such as books, toys, furniture, clothes, crockery, cutlery and any other white elephant items. Nothing is too small, too big or too old for us!  We either receive goods at the shop or we can collect larger items from your home/office. Any unwanted - but sellable - products are welcome. The shop is staffed by both permanent employees and volunteers and we are very dependent on the latter for the sorting, pricing, packing of items and till duty. New volunteers are most welcome to join us - once a week or once a month.  Come and help us to help ourselves. We promise to add a lot of value to your life!
Contact us and let's discuss how you can get involved in our Charity shop.

irene homes charity shop