Get involved

 Whether you have time, money or an extra bottle of shampoo available, we invite you to become involved in the work that we do. 

Cash is King!


As a non-profit organisation,Irene Homes faces the same financial challenges as other welfare organisations and therefore we need donations to assist us in meeting our financial responsibilities. Please make an EFT into our bank account if you would like to support the work that we do:

Account name: Irene Homes
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Centurion 261 550
Account number: 545 0278 9159


Become a Volunteer

getinvolved3Through making use of volunteers at various levels, IreneHomes gives an opportunity to individuals to get involved in an altruistic activity to promote goodness and to improve the quality of life to Irene Homes' residents.

Volunteering at Irene Hoems focus on:
-Skills-Based Volunteering;
-Befriending/ Mentoring;
-Arts (Music/ Drama/ Crafts);
-Events and Stewarding;
-Sports/ Outdoor Activiteis/ Coaching.
Contact us and let's explore the best way for you to become involved in our organisation.


Goods in Kind

getinvolved1Running a home for people with intellectual dsabilities require the same items than what you need in your own home; cleaning materials, personal products and food. We really appreciate donations of goods in kind as it helps us to keep the running costs of our facilities low.

Please add an extra bottle of shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, toothpaste, plasters, cough medicine,
Panado tablets or cleaning materials to your next shopping basket and drop it off at our
premises in Irene.

Each donation in kind is most welcome – nothing is too small!


Charity Shop

getinvolved4Our Charity shop, as a social enterprise, is one of Irene Homes' main sources of income and we depend 100% on donations from the public to be successful. We either receive goods at the shop or we can collect items from your home/office. Any unwanted - but sellable - products are welcome. 

Next time you spring clean, when your children leave the house or when you move, 
please call us to collect larger items that you don't use anymore.

Click here and find out what we have in our Charity Shop.



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