Creativity Workshop

Our Creativity Workshop adds value to the lives of individuals with a mental disability on a lower functioning level.

 The activities and products they make are of a more simplistic nature. We encourage them to colour in, complete a puzzle, etc. with the emphasis on doing one small thing per day and complete it. Amongst the more advanced craft activities are painting of table cloths and wrapping paper, as well as beading work, knitting and basic tapestry work.  The disabilities of these individuals is not a factor because we focus on their abilities and strive to fill their day with purpose, meaning and a sense of belonging.  Selected items  are sold in our Charity Shop and at the markets in the Irene area. They are proud of the products and the pleasure when somebody enjoys the products they make cannot be described in words. Come see for yourself how enthusiastic they are about the products they make. Sit down with them and allow them to explain to you the process of making these products.  

Due to the level of functioning of the ladies, your time will be a valuable contribution as one-on-one interaction with activities is important. 

Contact us if you would like to become one of our volunteers in the Creativity Workshop.

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