Weaving Workshop

Here our ladies are taught to make hand-woven articles such as bathmats and wall hangings.            

The Weaving Workshop was founded in 1987 by a parent of one of our ladies who kindly made the first loom - a device for weaving thread or yarn into cloth. Today we have ten donated looms of all sizes.  Weaving seems, at first, a complicated form of creativity to master, but our ladies has proven that where there is a will, there is a way! They got caught up in the process of weaving and can spend hours on end in front of the loom, looking, with anticipation, forward to the end result. The end result can be a beautiful greeting card, a place mat or a runner. They work with eagerness, especially if they have a goal to achieve in terms of orders from the public. 

For quality control, and to maintain weaving standards, the Weaving Workshop is a member of the Weavers' Guild of Pretoria, and regularly and successfully participates in competitions.

Why not join these ladies as a volunteer to add value to their lives as well as your own! 

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