Knitting Workshop

Depending on the person's level of disability, both machine and hand knitting articles are made.     

 A wide variety of clothing are made by our ladies as the Knitting Workshop's main focus is knitting and sewing.

This include jerseys, hats, scarves, gloves, blankets, bed socks, legwarmers and baby cloths. An Embroidery machine is one of the most recent additions to the workshop and is used by the ladies do embroidery on towels, face cloths, etc.  We provide them with a sense of purpose and they are extremely proud of the articles they make.

Next time when you stumble across a wool sale, please buy a couple of balls extra for our workshop. Alternatively, if you buy material for a cushion or curtains, add an extra meter or two and donate it to our workshop. This will allow for the ladies to continue making products which can even be sold to provide an extra income.

Contact us if you would like to become involved in our Knitting Workshop. In whatever way, your involvement with our ladies will also add value to your life.

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