Contracts Center

We render a service to many companies while focusing on job creation for people with intellectual disability.

Our Contracts centre is registered with the Department of Social Development as a Protective Workshop. Every week day, community members - both male and female - with a manageable disability, join a structured program where they do light work. This include the assembling of products, packing of mail and goody bags, cutting and packaging of plastic sheets, etc. The focus of the Workshop is on job creation for intellectually disabled people and on offering a service to the business community.

An extension to the workshop is the Ceramics division which provides both job creation and a stimulating therapeutic benefit to the Day Care Workers through the making of beads, Christmas tree decorations, etc.

Partner with us by giving our Protective Workshop a contract to pre-pack or assemble products for your company. In the process you will support people with intellectual disabilities and save money for your company. Contact us and give us the opportunity to add value back to your company.

Protective Day Shop: (012) 667 1803

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