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Irene Homes’ history dates back to 1904 as an organization that took care of girls and young women in Pretoria and Witwatersrand who had fallen pregnant out of wedlock, been caught up in prostitution and where destitute.

At first the organization operated from a house in the CBD of Pretoria and in 1909 it relocated to its current premises in Irene and became a much needed home for women who are intellectually disabled. 108 years later Irene Homes has firmly established itself as a non-profit organization providing residential and day care support and skills training to women and men who are intellectually disabled with the ultimate goal of improved self-awareness, self-growth and job creation.


The organization is registered in terms of the Non-profit Organizations Act, 1997 (No. 71 of 1997).   Office Bearers serves voluntary on the Governing Body and they are responsible for the effective governing of the organization.   An Executive Committee, consisting out of four members of the Governing Body serves to advice, oversee ad-hoc committees, and assist with policy development and the addressing of workplace issues.

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